merrily merrily merrily merrily

gull at a bar with friends

gull at a bar with friends

today You see 1,000 gulls at least
four hundred males maybe, you think,
combing through the off-blue sky again
early morning early morning
early morning

the ways in which you
change are shaded

mommy’s hairbrush laying
down in the day sitting in
the sun toothbrush at night
all so always
wet with care
and you say
  alone to yourself
    “why can’t i drip like this”

a gull pivots the earth
1 million times
tiny stones sunk in waves
see it feeding on
1 bottle half-full of ocean now
“if you choke on that i’ll kill you”
thought saying softly
fearing a tender loss
openly without remorse

imagines gull at bar with friends
original content
thought of laugh emerges in blanket

on the phone
how can I tell you there is
vomit in my mouth