merrily merrily merrily merrily

editorial philosophy


general editorial philosophy

— With the website I’m interested in publishing anybody, as long as they don’t contribute to bad shit in the world, which is an uncommon feeling for me to have about human creativity.

— With booklets I publish people whose booklets will sell 30+ copies. I’m interested in publishing people from Nebraska. I’d also like to publish people from the internet but haven’t done that (yet). Since the booklets have imagery I’m interested in people who do visual stuff, even if it’s just iPhone photography. I’m trying to put shit that I love and think is awesome out into the world. I’m also trying to enjoy every aspect of the process, which means I want to work with people that I vibe with. I don’t want to work with people who make me feel weird, dumb, etc. I have more considerations with the booklets cuz i have to spend $$$ on them. I give the author $100 upfront + printing costs. All that said… I don’t have an aesthetic axe to grind and if someone 1) writes shit that blows my hair back and 2) seems nice… then I’d be interested in collaborating on a booklet.

motivations behind specific editorial decisions w/r/t booklets

Upcoming Rachael Wolfe Project was chosen cuz I’ve been reading/loving Rachael’s poems for a decade. I helped out a bit with the publication of her chapbook SAUCE and it was one of the more awesome poetry-related things I’ve ever been involved in. Beyond my love of her work, a big reason I asked Rachael to collab is simply that the prospect of asking her didn’t fill me with anxiety. As I write this I feel hopeful that as MERRILY4X progresses I will have an easier time asking people I don’t have an established rapport with if they want to collab.

bear witness to that which is by Ameen Wahba was chosen as a second project cuz Ameen and I had attempted to collab on a chapbook years ago but it fell through and I always felt like I fucked up a cool/fun opportunity. The genesis of the original project is, I believe, I tweeted “hmu if you want to collab on a chapbook” and Ameen was the only person who responded. Ameen and I are friends but not super close, we hang out a handful of times per year. But yeah I wanted to work with Ameen on the second MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY booklet cuz I wanted to do right by him and take care of the unfinished biz that was our previous chapbook collab.

TRYING TO END THE WAR by Amanda Huckins was chosen as a “pilot” because I’m good friends with Amanda and she’d previously self-published TRYING TO END THE WAR as a chapbook. I love her poetry. I wanted my first MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY MERRILY booklet to go smoothly. It made sense to work with someone I’ve enjoyed working with previously on a “second edition” of a book that already existed in the world.