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biz model


"If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office."

- George Lucas

How it works is I reach out to an author I'm interested in working with and if they're interested in working with me I give them $100. 

Printing cost for 100 booklets is $210. 

Upfront author payment + printing = $310.

THEREFORE, if I'm selling booklets for $10, I have to sell thirty-one booklets to break even.

After a booklet breaks even, author gets 50% of profits, MMMM gets 50% of profits.


WELL, splitting profits, equitably, amongst all parties who contribute meaningfully to an endeavor, seems ideal, in a general sense.

ADDITIONALLY, MMMM agrees to 1) mail all online orders in a timely fashion 2) attend various book/zine fairs 3) generally "put work in" toward selling books on a regular basis.

Authors agree to 1) do 1-2 readings to promote the booklet 2) post* about the booklet on a social media once**. 

||||||| misc ever-evolving principles |||||||

#1. No discounts, no free shipping, etc. 
Shipping is $2. If I give free shipping on 100 online orders, I'm out $200, which is enough $$$ to print an entire run of another booklet. Free shipping, steep discounts, etc., are awesome tools for companies like and Wal-Mart, but fuckn suck for MMMM.

#2. Only work with retailers who 1) I feel good about working with, on a personal/emotional level 2) Agree to a 60/40 (or better) split.

*authors who don't have social media aren't expected to post.

**literally once. this is because MMMM believes doing relentless promo via social media is a deadening, demoralizing practice that sucks and is terrible.